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RPG in the new FFV offroad position randomly blows up
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Hello there.

I've been messing around in 3Den (which is a fantastic tool by the way), and, while creating a quick offroad chase (with the new shooting position), I've realised that, when one fires an RPG, it would occasionally blow up the shooter.
This has happened on several occasions (2 times out of 15 I would say).
Yet, I have not been able to pinpoint its cause. Each time, the offroad, driven by an AI, was going at medium speed (about 60-70 km/h).


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Firing from Vehicles
Steps To Reproduce

1 - Get in the editor (3D)

2 - Create an offroad (unarmed), driven by an AI on a road. Name it offroad

3 - Add a waypoint further down the road, don't edit it in any sort of way (medium speed)

4 - Add a player (I was a FIA - AT)

5 - In the player init field : this moveInCargo [offroad,4]

6 - Preview

7 - Wait for the offroad to gain some speed

8 - Shoot your RPG until you encounter this issue (don't spend more than 5 minutes trying, it did not took me that long)

Additional Information

Windows 10 - 64 bit. (adding W10 to the "select profile" category might be a good idea)

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