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Mission Selection screen Mod requirements and No message
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On a Dedicated Server when a mission is loaded that requires mods that the server does not have or a player attempts to join a mission missing required mods there is currently no Message for missing mods on either of these events.

But more importantly there is no listing of required mods for mission selection causing the issues noted above, If the server was to show the required mods for that mission to any joining players and on the mission screen it would greatly help when selecting a mission.


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Steps To Reproduce

Server Keys: Off
Install mission with mod requirement.

  1. Server failure a.start dedicated server with no mods b.attempt to load mission that has mod requirements c.observe going back to mission selection (or default mission) without message
  1. Player Failure a.start dedicated server with mods b.load mission that has correct mod requirements c.attempt to join mission with no mods d.Observe being kicked with no message.
Additional Information

Something of note it would be worth showing missions that cannot be played on the server because if a mission wanted to be played the server could get restarted with the correct mod set. I know maps that a player doesn't have don't show up on the listing but it would be worth showing all missions on the server not just the ones that can be played.

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