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Aircraft cockpit monitors pitch-black during night
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If you're flying any vanilla aircraft (helos and jets) at night with no moonlight, your cockpit monitors and lights will be pitch black. {F27177} {F27178}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go in editor
  2. Make time and date nighttime with a new moon
  3. Get in any aircraft
  4. Start engines
  5. Be in first person
Additional Information

The 'non-monitor' instruments for the Orca and the Littlebird are not illuminated during night time

EDIT: oh wait, I played again and they both are illuminated...strange

This bug also happens for cars' speedometers which should be illuminated when the headlights are on

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EDIT: played with RHS Escalation on and all the vanilla cockpit monitors are now illuminted, except for the Buzzard, Wipeout, Blackfoot and Kajman

EDIT: restarted the game in vanilla and now they're pitch black seems this bug is a random occurance

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Does this bug occur with all jets and all rotary aircraft, or just some of aircraft?

In the past, I've also seen some vehicles with the lights being unable to be turned on during daytime in general.

It seems to happen randomly for all vanilla aircraft gauges/monitors and cars' speedometers. Modded vehicles seem fine.

And I believe lights not turning on during the day is on purpose because they're useless during the day

Shrugs. So leaving a parked vehicle along the runway (or elsewhere) and turning on the vehicle's (or aircraft's) exterior lights two hours before dusk and traveling elsewhere, and then returning after dark (or during dusk) at the airport (or elsewhere) is useless? Not too also mention by law, Canadians are required to drive with their headlights on.

Fixed in 1.54 (tested in RC build)

Watch everybody break-out into their "happy dance", as I think few expected this. (Note my sarcasm. ;-)

According to the author the issue seems to be resolved