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Missing Structures in 3D Editor, but found while in Zues.
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when looking for structures to place onto the map they are missing while in 3d editor, but able to place in Zues. for EX. when I want to place a comm. tower I cant find it under individual empty category or when I search for one, nothing comes up. however when I am in Zues, I can find it. it appears that while in the 3d editor, I am missing a lot of structures. Also when I try to place one of the pre-made bases which has some of these missing structures I get the following message: no entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgGroups/Empty.Ares_Militarystructures'.


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This occurs any time I try to create a mission in the 3D Editor

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As far as I know, not all objects are added to the 3d editor on purpose

Duplicate of #25744.