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On the Mods page, button "Open mod folder" are opening it, and quicly close it.
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As in the title, after selecting mod from the list, left click on it, there is 3 options - its internet site, OPEN FOLDER, delete mod. Problem is about "open Folder" option. It is opening explorer window, and qucly close it.


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I'm sorry but we're unable to replicate that issue and I'd say that it is specific to you Windows installation as the Windows Explorer window opens and that means that Launcher has done its job.

Launcher opens the folder by running a Windows Explorer with parameters to select a folder. Try to execute this command from the Run dialog or from Command Propmt to see what happens if you run it manually.

  explorer.exe /e,/select,C:\Windows

It should open the explorer and pre-select the Windows folder. (The parameters for the explorer.exe are described in this support article

Damm, ticket ready to close, it really closing the window. I need to contact Microsoft. BUT IT WASNT HAPPENING BEFORE UPDATE 1.52

it might be a good idea to check event logs to see if there is an error or warning recorded.

Event viewer didnt detect anything. This is how it look like :
I scanned PC and its clean

Try to run the command without the /e parameter:

    explorer.exe /select,C:\Windows

Also what's the visual style you are using and and most importantly what's theme manager/patch are you using to enable it? Given the way how Windows visual styles it may be related to you problem.

Its HUD green skin for Windows 7, i used theme resource changer x64 v1.0 to install it, and it was runing fine - problem is not related to it. I'm using it since year or longer.

I reinstalled windows and used agains skin pack - now its working. You can close the ticket.

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{F1824904}The "Open folder" / "Open folder in windows explorer" actions crash the launcher .