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The game will CTD while playing the Arma III Exile mod
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While playing Exile I keep running into a CTD that tells me it's a STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. This has happened to me on the newest patch along with the one before also. {F27170}


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While playing, the CTD usually occurs while driving a vehicle. Sometimes I am able to drive the vehicle for a short period of time, others I CTD the moment I try to drive. During a few of the CTD's the happened while driving for a little while, the crash seems to occur while driving and AI begins engaging me with leads to the CTD

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I've tried multiple solutions with the parameters, I have ran a memory test(did this due to the error involving the RAM) and have even reinstalled Windows on my PC to no avail. In Steam I have have validated my game files and everything is fine, the only issues I have had are with Arma III

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The Arma 3 devs are not responsible of fixing those bugs. If its really an issue that the modders can't fix and related to Arma 3. They will inform the devs of Arma 3 of the issue them selves.

From what I understand it is a bug within Arma itself. I included the fact that I was using a mod to help make it reproducible if need be. Others are having these issues outside of Exile also so it's more than just the mod causing a CTD it seems.

I play with my group which use a lot of mods and we never had a single crash. Since Exile, for sure, has a lot of scripts and etc. So when a new update comes out. A certain command that they need might have changed or been removed. Exile's problems probably be fixed when they release a new update or so.

I understand what you are saying, but this is not an issue which stems from the mod. Reason why I say this are because others in my community play with no issues at all and also because I have now reproduced the issue with 0 mods on inside of a showcase mission. I am including the newest crash report file from the latest crash which occurred as a helicopter approached my position and the game then crashed.

Maybe because your using Windows 10?