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Who ever Pushed out the latest version of arma 3 this is for you.
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So I am apart of a large group and community in arma 3, i am from arma 3 life are community is based off of using arma 3 and modding it so that we may use custom mods such as cars/planes/weapons/cities... we have close to 30 thousand members registered in this one community. Every day our servers are packed. And note this is one community out of thousands Arma3life,criticalgaming,citylife,altislife etc... We were forced to use the legacy version of the game because the latest versions of arma 3 have made it so that we can not even run are life servers because you have taken out a critical part in what we need to be able to operate our servers. Please fix this cause at this momunt a large part of arma 3 is life servers... And you know that, We have developers from loads of community's trying to fix this issue because it seems like you are doing nothing to help us. So a Last Summery, Fix this issue so that we may be able to play on our life servers. Note This is not a client issue it is a arma 3 update issue.


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"you have taken out a critical part"

Not very helpful, or perhaps you forgot to mention what critical part, but I guess you cannot run scripts outside .pbo? There is a simple solution though

Adam added a comment.Oct 2 2015, 11:11 AM

Hey, we are currently working with the Life community to fix this nasty issue. For more info please see for more info. Thank you.