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Vehicle direction command keys not listed in Controls
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Command Forward
Command Backward
Command Left
Command Right

Bound to arrow keys by default as well as movement keys. Option to change key is not listed in either of the categories. Should be in "Command".


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Unbind arrow keys from any other function.

Bind arrow keys to any function.

Red text shows double-binding to Command XYZ.

Additional Information

These bindings need to be in "Command" so players can unbind them or bind them to different keys.

Movement keys still trigger "Command XYZ". I haven't tried unbinding WASD from movement to check if "Command XYZ" still works.

This is an issue when binding arrow keys to functions relevant as a vehicle commander. For instance, arrow keys up/down for ranging the gun will always issue the movement orders to the driver.

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Beacuse you are commanding movement by movement keys!

Yes, but by bound movement keys, not just arbitrary hardcoded keys that someone considered movement keys during development.

Movement. Is done via movement keys. Yes.

Commanding. Is done via keys bound to commanding. Yes.

Arrow keys. Are not movement keys. They CAN be. But they don't HAVE to.

Players. Bind their own keys. That's what controls are for.

You can change pretty much every keybinding. Just not the "Command XYZ" functions bound to the arrow keys. Because it is not listed. At least no regular user can. I'm sure it can be manually coded somewhere in a config file. But that's not the point. It should be bindable in options.

Och, sorry. I didnt understanted right. You are right, there is no option for it.