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Scenario error in Showcase : "night"
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The objective is to make diversion so the enemy will call for backup.
I try the mission a lot of time and do my best to blow up trucks without to get spotted.
But no matter what I blow up the mission don't move forward (you know the "I've made contact..." radio sentence).
The mission only move forward if there is exchange of gunfire.
But according to me a bomb is a good diversion so it should work even if the enemy don't spot the player himself!


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Plant a bomb under a truck (Campement or lighthouse), hide yourself, blow it up.
nothing happened.

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Feel free to reassign the category, This is not exactly part of the campaign but I don't find the proper category...

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Adam added a comment.Sep 30 2015, 1:35 PM

You need to destroy more than one objective to complete the mission.

My issue wasn't with that.
But to be sure I did try to blow up 2 objectives without getting spotted. And nothings happen.
I mean AI react, and look for me. But when we shoot at the enemy there is a radio debrief that ends with something like "Keep me updated, I don't want to be here longer than i have to."
And this doesn't happen if player just use bomb

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I am able to complete the main objective by destroying the truck at the first enemy compound then destroying the lighthouse. Would you be able to give it a try and re-open if that is not the case?