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View gets stuck in hill, when going up hill in editor
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View gets stuck in hill, when going up hill in editor.


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  • Put camera in some random town to average height.
  • Go near that town on a hill. It will reset your camera and youl be glued to the ground on hill.

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I'm unable to reproduce it. Could you please provide more info?

  • Where were you testing it? Random town at average height is rather generic description.
  • Are you controlling camera by WASD, or by mousewheel?
  • How will the camera be reset?
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More information:

  • Chose town Negades.
  • Don't move your camera.
  • Look on front there will be hill.
  • Use shift + mouse to speed up moving to hill.
  • Go directly with camera to that hill, do not move mouse at all. / Camera will not adapt to the hill. This is the bug. Camera should adapt to the hill.

Do you mean the camera should maintain constant altitude above terrain, instead of flying straight (i.e., maintaining altitude above sea level)?

Correct. This way you as developers and we as moders have easyer way of working in editor. Not stucking in hill/mountain and have to correct the camera.

Also i forgot to mention, i use WASD to move.

ATL (Above Terrain Level) camera mode was present in Zeus, and based on that experience, we decided not to use it. It's unpredictable and uncomfortable in most of situations. As a matter of fact, we're planning to introduce ASL (Above Sea Level) camera mode from Eden back to Zeus at some point.

Closing here, it's not a bug. We may allow switching to ATL mode in editor preferences once they're implemented though.