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Eden Editor - reset of X and Y-axis (rotation) if you drag an object to a new position
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If you have rotated an object on its X-, Y- and Z-axis and want to correct its position (or simply drag it to another position), the X- and Y-axis will be reset.


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. open the 3D-Editor
  2. place a random object
  3. open the attributes (double click or right click -> attributes) or just use the "Rotation Widget".
  4. change the rotation axis on x, y and z -> press ok or drag the "Rotation Widget" axis
  5. now drag the object to another position and see, what I mean

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Bohemia added a subscriber: F2kSel.Sep 27 2015, 4:44 PM

This is still an issue, in most cases you need to move the object at least in one direction after rotation so all is reset.

Koala added a comment.Feb 4 2016, 12:54 PM

I have found a solution for the problem:

There is a function in the Eden editor that is called "Toggle Vertical Mode".

You can find that function on the right side of the sphere symbol (it looks like an unopened letter symbol).

After you clicked on "Toggle Vertical Mode" you can rotate and move all kind of objects without losing their rotation attributes.

Not very intuitive from my point of view.

F2kSel added a comment.Feb 5 2016, 2:28 AM

Thanks Koala, that explains another command.

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