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Clients running incompatible mods are disconnected from the server. Error messages are cryptic.
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It needs to be easier for clients to connect to a server that is running mods. The Arma community is currently fragmented by mods and by differing technical capability among the player base. It is too hard for new players to find and install the mods required to join a particular server.

As things stand, connecting to a server while running incompatible mods (or not running required mods) results in client disconnection and cryptic error messages.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Connect to a server while running an unsupported mod (or)
-Connect to a server while not running a required mod
-Notice the player is disconnected from the server
-Notice the error message talks about incompatible files, not a mod name that the player might recognise.

Additional Information

On connecting to a modded server the player *should* be prompted to reconfigure their client to a server-compatible state (ie. download, enable or disable mods.)

Their client should then automatically restart (if necessary) and reconnected to the server in question.

This client reconfiguration mechanism could prompt players to subscribe to the needed to mods in the Steam Workshop or smaller mods could be downloaded and installed directly from the server, like mission files. Server admins could control which mods can be downloaded via settings in the server.cfg file.

Other client-server games have worked this way since the late 1990s.

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