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SHIFT key does not work as real time modifier for mouse clicks
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The SHIFT key doesn't work as expected as a modifier for the mouse buttons. The SHIFT key state is only registered at the start of the click/hold, whereas it should be real time (as currently occurs with CTRL and ALT).

To move and rotate a unit, I need to:
-Click and hold LMB on the unit to move it, then release LMB
-Move mouse cursor back onto unit, hold shift, then click and hold LMB on the unit to rotate it (the shift key can actually be released after the LMB is first clicked)

-Click and hold LMB on the unit to move it, keep LMB held.
-Without releasing LMB, hold shift, and move mouse to rotate unit

Expected method is preferred as it requires less precise tasks of the user (moving mouse cursor over the unit, then clicking) to achieve the same result. The ALT and CTRL modifiers do currently work as expected.


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Tested in Dev build 1.53.132628

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I think the modifiers simply need to be streamlined, such that the SHIFT modifier will toggle to rotation mode while currently in movement mode. Note how you get a different set of modifier options, once you start some editing mode. I.e. there are top-level/mode modifiers, and then there is a different set/assignment of modifiers depending on the editing mode you've entered. Hence, main modifiers (e.g. SHIFT for rotation) should be available in all editing modes, and only redefined if really, really necessary (pls dont).

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Issue persists in dev build 1.65.138014