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"Play as Multiplayer" is not handling additional data files
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Create a trivial mission with a Player grenadier and a "RESPAWN_WEST" marker, save it to Missions. Manually add a Description.ext and set "Respawn=BASE" in that file.

Load the mission into EDEN again.

Select "Play as Multiplayer"

-> Kill yourself, and instead of respawning, you get "mission ended".

Cause: When selecting "Play as Multiplayer", it creates a temporary file under MPMissions, saves the mission.sqm there, and runs that. However, any additional files - scripts, description.ext, etc. are not copied across, and hence the mission does not operate correctly.

Suggested Solution: When selecting "Play as Multiplayer", (or indeed, selecting "Save As..."), copy ALL the files in the mission folder - mission.sqm, plus all additional files found in the folder - to the destination folder.

Better Suggested Solution: As above, plus default "Respawn" to "BASE" unless otherwise specified. Use add-on modules to then support all the various desired respawn settings and behaviours from there. This would eliminate having to even touch the Description.ext for respawn purposes.

Even Better Suggested Solution: As above, but include a built-in GUI interface within the editor, for setting and manipulating Description.ext contents! {F27111}


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See Description.

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Hello :)
I checked it out and fixed it ;) you should be able to check it out in tomorow DEV update. Have a nice day :)