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Syncing a trigger to an object inside the trigger's area does not work on Map view
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When in Map view, syncing a trigger to another object will not register the click on the object if the object is "under" the trigger area.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Make sure you are in Map mode
  • Create a large trigger (500 meter radius)
  • Place e.g. a module "Change Task State" in the trigger area.
  • Select the trigger
  • Right click the trigger and chose "Conntect -> Sync to..."
  • Click on the module. Notice that the sync is not performed, since the trigger's area overlaps the module.
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Hello there! :)
Thank you for your feedback. This is actually a good point. I will take a look on it and probably give icons higher priority so they can be selected through these areas :)

So i managed to find a solution and it is on it's way to you ;) you can expect it in tomorow DEV update. Have a nice day! :)