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Hello! I really love you Bohemia for what you are doing and I'm enjoying the new editor.. However there are some of my suggestions where you could work on to make it even more splendid :-)))

  1. Integration of Virtual Aresnal within EDEN so you can change loadouts of soldiers directly - which will make "Ammunition bar" useless.
  1. Ability to drag-and-drop soldiers/groups directly from the left-side panel... so you could instantly change their position with one mouseclick from any position without having to care where they were previously
  1. Change ammobox/vehicle loadouts in EDEN (Zeus function)
  1. Ability to mute sounds of enviroment or just disable them forever while making mission.. there's no need for them in editor and it can potentionally distract the mission maker (That's a bug I guess because the sounds occurs only after coming back from game to editor)
  1. Save the actual vision status after trying out the mission.. When I set for example Night vision in editor and then try out my mission, the editor is again set to normal vision that means when I have night mission I'm totally blind and can't see anything unless I click "N" everytime I get back to my mission
  1. In "Intel" there are shown some percentage values in weather - what does that mean? 100% is bad weather and 0% is good weather or what? Some picture indications as in previous editors would be good
  1. I miss Module preview thingy from old editor which showed us what you need to make to get module to work..also most of the modules actually miss Module info
  1. Make new button directly under Preview mission called "Play scenario as Zeus"..which will start the mission with Zeus interface at the camera position you were in EDEN editor
  1. After getting killed in editor add option to keep playing as Zeus or at least spectate so you can keep watching the mission progress..
  1. Also I cannot really find out how to synchronize modules any easier than righclicking and clicking on synchronize..

Thank you very much for the editor and please don't take this as criticism..It's just my personal suggestions to make this editor perfect.


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