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Button SHOW in Controllers Customization returns me back to menu
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When I use SHOW button in "Customization" Controllers it returns me back to Selection of controllers. It does it every time.


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Steps To Reproduce

Start game
Main menu>Configure>Controls>Controller>(Select Customizable Controller)>Customize>Show

Back in "Configure Controllers

Additional Information

In-game does the same.

Does not work with any mods enabled, it does not work with no-mods enabled.
It does not work with either of my two controllers.

T.Light Hotas X & Logitech Formula Force RX

It worked on both when I bought the game.
Stopped working like 3 months back.
Controllers driver are actual.

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Ditto. I too just noticed this bug within 1.52RC, and then verified the bug exists within 1.50 too. Likely within one of the near previous versions, this bug first appeared. I quite vividly remember the "Show" button would show the exact values the slider bars for the axis were set to, instead of reverting to the previous menu.

Good description and I was able to find this bug already opened with ease.

Don't forget to vote for your own bug. I know it sounds ridiculous, but voting for your own bug then creates a green bar highlighting the vote option for others to readily vote for your bug.