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Feedback to the new Eden editor and a big wish how to improve
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Hello guys, :)

first: thank you for releasing the BETA of the new "Eden editor". The second thing I have to mention is that my English is not the best, but I hope that you will understand my main points.

The first reaction to the "beta button" was: "OMG!!!! :O". And I directly started to download it. And now after testing it, I want to give you a short feedback.

Playing around in the editor was very amazing and it was very easy to handle. But I already gathered some experience in Zeus (so it was quite easy for me to understand the controls and such). That's why I was very exited to get new news of a "3D Editor".

The main thing missing in Zeus was a "pause"-button or something. So that I can play around in the world, while editing it like in Zeus. But there was the problem that the units I've placed immediately started to move. Or another example: Let's say I create a mission which last up to 15 minutes. Now I test it and after 8 minutes of playing in this mission I notice that there is a problem - or a thing missing - and now I want to enter the Eden-Editor again. The problem now is, that I have to restart and play the complete mission if I did something wrong in creating the it.
*Hope you can understand this. :)*
I want to play in a scenario while I can still edit it. (like Zeus) So I walk down a street and I would like to spawn some enemies in front of me. In Zeus I was able to do this, but there was the problem I already mentioned - they directly started to move... The other way around -> In Eden I now can edit a scenario in 3D (amazing!!) but I can't edit a mission while I'm directly playing in it.

My wishes are that you implement something like a "pause" and "play" - button in Eden and a timeline so that you can rewind or 'fast forward' in the mission, so that I don't have to play the whole mission again up to this point where I have corrected something. If this would be possible to realize, then I would be the happiest guy on the world! :)

I added a picture (made with paint, so don't expect anything :D).
The left picture shows how I see the "new interface" (not really, but I think this let you know how I mean this.
The right picture should show the "Edit this mission"-button - but this should mean, it will keep the situation and I only enter the Editor again!!!!! That's the main thing I miss yet!

If you still don't know what I mean or you have some other question to me, you should answer me (here in forum!? or) in an e-mail at


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And now I want to give you some more information about my experiences in ArmA - don't know whether its interesting for you.
I've playing ArmA 3 since September 2013 and I had no idea what this game is about. After buying it I played a lot of hours with friends and also alone. For example in the editor (Zeus/ 2D editor). It was fascinating for me playing a game which looks like real life and the best thing -> you can do everything you want in this game. :D I created missions for my friends and we immediately tested them. It makes a lot of fun playing as a group and using mods to improve gameplay!
I'm already excited of the new map "Tanoa" and all the new features which will come in the next months.

All in all: THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING GAME and thank you for still making this game a better one! Thank you for your attention! And if possible - please let me know if you read this feedback and whether you understand me!! :)

Marvin aka SpeedySFx

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Thanks for feedback, glad to hear you like it.

We evaluated what you're suggesting early on, but we reached conclusion that it would be too confusing. After a while of playing the mission, the mission state changes significantly - player moves from starting position, enemies move, many soldiers die, etc. It wouldn't make sense to preserve this state after returning to the editor. What if you saved the mission at this point? Everything would be on a wrong place, and in a wrong state.

However, there are already ways how to make debugging easier. You can set player to be invincible in attributes, so enemies are no longer a concern. You can chose "Play from Here" option in context menu to start in some other location. Within your mission flow logic, you can add some "cheats" which will let you skip you parts of the mission (for example radio activated trigger which will kill all enemies in certain area and move player there), although this requires some scripting.

I hope this answer will help you with scenario design. And thanks again for your support!