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Importing a mission including Game Logic with Waypoints crashes the game
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When importing a mission that still uses the now unsupported game logic with waypoints, the game crashes to desktop. {F27089} {F27090}


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mdump available on request. Can't be uploaded (too large)

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I have tons of scenarios that use game logic waypoints to track "visual logic" style programming so i would lose all that code if i am unable to import all my old missions with this. side note/idea: create a script to mass convert to new format for all missions in personal files (with backup of course).

Hello :) could you please attach problematic mission (just SQM should be enough)?

Thank you,
i will check it out ASAP

So issue was that old SQM was slightly corrupted (trigger was sync to object that was not recreated from SQM - probably ignored logic waypoints). So i added some safety features for such cases and i'am now able to open your mission without any visible issues. With tomorow DEV update you can test it out on your own ;)

Thank you for your help with adressing this isue :)