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Feature Request: Trigger Statement Performance Analyzation
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Feature Priority: Normal
Feature Impact: Huge for Scripters

Triggers are an ongoing discussion. The scripters start to replace the "bad loops" with "good triggers". It would be great to create analyzation tools for code performance tracking like:

  • Loop detection:

-> Log down recurring code executions and evals
-> Log down the statement evaluation execution time of loops, triggers, waituntil and the well known bad guys
-> Log down the average number of statement evals per second or minute
-> Log down the average time for evaluating looped conditions per second or minute
to visualize the impact.

Please consider to log them down into a delimited format, which can be identified and separated. Or in arrays in namespaces.

The feature needs to be activated / deactivated with a client / server debug or developement parameter, because itself will cost performance.

The parameter could improve the overall script performance with the correct announcments and maybe script solution challenges.


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I hope you got the idea. I just want to identify which loop conditions and executions itself can impact the performance negatively over time and would like to improve exactly these expensive functions for foreign/adapted mods and scripts.

It could help us all to think about our decisions and existing solutions.

Additional Information

The challenge thing:
Use the power of your community to improve the things.
With good measuring and logging tools, you can start community challenges. It needs no money to make us scripters happy. A kind of "Scripter of the month award" for solving defined challenges could help to bundle the community power to some specific topics.

  • Just an idea -

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