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Feature Request: Particle Collision Eventhandler
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Hello BI,

currently i am working on some ambient features. I tried to find a non expensive way to detect smoke particle collisions on the client.
There is no way, which would not lead into possible performance problems with scripting abilities. I would like to adjust the AI/Player View abilities by detecting:
A) the particle ermitter of a colliding particle
B) the ammo in case of a ammo or fire which is producing the ermitter source
C) by attaching eventhandlers to ammotypes


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Game Physics
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Use Cases:

  • Any source, which is producing particles, could be used for more complex effects than only visual effects
  • Additionally: You could react with ppEffects on different particle sources (for example teargas or other crowd control mechanisms)
Additional Information

Possible solution:

  • Attach an eventhandler directly in the engine to particles, which detects if a procued particle collides with some other object. Could possible utilize the existing rubble handler to inject other types of commands

The event handler would need:

  • Particle source object

Challenge: It should not be activated per default. For saving performance, this feature needs to be activated / deactived per source type or source object.

Reverse Handler: Attached to object

  • Utilize for example EPEContact to determine, if a particle hits an object, which is being hit by an article
  • Or - stick the particles to a object, if he collides for some milliseconds. And and a event handler, if object has sticking particles count > 0.

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