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task modules not syncronized to JIP Players
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2013-07-05 08:39

Players who JIP won't receive module synchronization, and are therefore invisible for the module.

However, "Create Task" module options were expanded to allow adding the task not only to synced units or their groups, but also to sides of synced units or even to all playable units.

So if you sync the module with any BLUFOR unit (and ideally not player, to make sure the unit is always there), the task will be added to all BLUFOR players.

The same option is available in the function BIS_fnc_taskCreate and in the core task function, BIS_fnc_setTask.

Karel Moricky cleary said it's by design, but you have the possibility to set it to all playable units or for all units of a specific side.

If that's still not enough you can use the task create functions.

Yea, but i have different Tasks for different Squads.
i tried to write the synced Objects in a Variable in Namespace and sync it on both sides with onplayerconnected.
No success at all.
Even when i place an AI Unit which holds the groupinfo and the syncronizations.
It seems that nothing works.

But the first player who jip on the dedicated Server, sees all tasks he have to see.

Only any further JIP´s fail in syncronizing the tasks.

So, if it works one time, it have to work every time!

Tasks only for side is no solution, and this is not what the modules are designed for, no matter was Mr.Moricky says.

ArmA becomes a 90% MP Game.... so its functions have to pay that bill.
Sorry, but we have to fix this...

there was a way to do this with syncronized Groups, but you need some kind of "curator" unit.
Feature request here :

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