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Revive Backpack Gear replaced by default - Original Kit in bag on ground.
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When using your BI revive when a player is revived and he has a backpack by default (configured in the unit) when the player is revived he finds his backpack has returned to default (uniform and vest are fine). When the unit looks to where he has been revived he finds a bag on the ground with his original kit in and some odd duplications.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start MP mission with revive configured (defaults are fine)
  2. Using unit with a backpack by default (medic and engineer seem to be most vulnerable to the issue).
  3. Change Backpack and or Backpack contents
  4. Get hit and go down into incapacitated state

5.Get 2nd player to revive first player

  1. 1st player will notice his backpack has returned to default
  2. Check under where 1st player was revived to find backpack with contents of 1st player when he was hit.
Additional Information

Seems to be a particularly large issue with JIP players and players that have already suffered issue :

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This issue affect all backpacks. Seems to leave the backpack on the ground and spawn a new backpack on the revived player. Sometimes, backpack of the player who is doing the reviving is on the ground. Backpacks everywhere.