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The AI can see through trees.
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The AI can see through trees as shown in this video. (Note: This video is not mine so all the credits go to the maker of this video Luetin09 )
If this issue is already fixed please send me a message that says so.


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It is explained in the video.

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Known issue. Seems to be resolved in the beta and seems to be included in the upcoming stable.

Beta? What do you mean.
And what do you mean by saying''upcoming stable''? Do you mean patch 1.52?

With beta I mean the development branch of Arma3 and with stable I mean the stable (normal) branch of Arma3.

But, as far as I can see, the AI visibility should be tweaked since the last update to version 1.50 (the video is from the 2nd of July 2015). Sorry for that.

Are you sure, the AI can see you on the official maps?

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I knew something is wrong in the woods!
Do you have any info the same situation occurs with the bushes and tree top?

There's nothing wrong in the woods. 1.50 fixed all of the issues that I know of, like bushes and trees in the video. The effect of grass was also tweaked for the better.

not on tanoa