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GestureReloadM4SSAS doesn't have a Prone action animation
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I'm making a custom weapon and the GestureReloadM4SSAS action fits very well in my shotgun but notice it doesn't reload when you are in ground, just step to the standing position reload. {F27013}


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Steps To Reproduce

I have packed a .PBO with the sample weapon and changed the reloadAction to : reloadAction = "GestureReloadM4SSAS";
So you just have to reload in prone position with this weapon

  • Open the game with the .PBO loaded.
  • Go to the Virtual Arsenal and select the "Test weapon
  • Ignore any errors (Sample weapon have some errors itself)
  • Reload in prone position, you will step directly to a stand position without being covered in prone position.
Additional Information

I have saw into the RifleReloadProneM4SSAS class which correspond to the Prone reload action but unlike the other, it leads to the same route as stand position.

In "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\gst\", there are a bunch of rtm, but for example, there are a GestureReloadM200.rtm (stand animation reload action) and GestureReloadM200Prone.rtm (Prone animation reload action).. But there is no a GestureReloadM4SSASProne.rtm animation!

So I think it would can fixed easely by creating other animation called GestureReloadM4SSASProne and edit the config properly by editing the previus route to:

		class RifleReloadProneM4SSAS : RifleReloadProneBase { //["Default"]
			file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\gst\GestureReloadM4SSASProne";
			leftHandIKCurve[] = {0,1,0.01754,0,0.97453,0,1,1};
			speed = 0.105079;

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