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[Linux Port] Joystick mapping. Axes not recognized correctly
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After mapping the joystick in steam's big picture mode Arma 3 recognizes the stick, however sometimes it only sees one direction of each axis. So i can map for example the action "turn left" to "Axis X-" while turning the stick to the left. But when I try to map the action "trun right" to "Axis X+" while turning the stick to the right nothing happens.

Additionally in the case the axes are working correctly, pushing the stick forward is recognized as "Axis Y-". But when the odd behaviour occurs it is recognized as "Axis Y+". --> See appended screenshot, the white mapping is the right one. In both times the stick was pushed forward.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

First off, the odd behaviour seems to occur most of the time.

Now, two things seem to be reproducable:

-connect joystick
-start steam and map the stick in the steam settings
-start Arma3, go to the controller menu
--> Stick is not working correctly
-restart PC
-Don't go to steam controller settings!
-start Arma3 and go directly to the controller menu
--> Stick is working correctly

In the case the Joystick works, use the stick ingame. Go back to the settings and again the stick won't work anymore.

Mothod A is the only way for me to get the stick working correctly at all. If it then works I can always reproduce the odd behaviour by doing B.

Additional Information

Tried with two joysticks:

  • Saitek Cyborg Evo
  • Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3D

So it seems to be not hardware specific

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Hi, peripherals settings are described here:

Could you try to set it up by Steam Big Picture? It should work properly this way.

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Hi, thx, but with "mapping the joystick in steam" I meant the settings in the big picture mode. I will edit the description

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My Saitek X52 Pro cannot be mapped correctly using Steam Big Picture mode.

Hi, we had some issues with feedback tracker, so i am sorry for the late reply.

We tested may methods of mapping controllers and joysticks on Arma III Linux Mac port. It is not easy at all, because of the wide spectrum of OSes and controllers.

The most successful software for the mapping of controllers on Linux Mac port in our tests was Antimicro.

I suggest you to give it a try on:

Thanks for your help.

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This is not bug is not solved that I'm aware of.

I have tried using antimicro awhile ago, and the tool failed to create a usable mapping, or the Steam controller failed to use the mapping correctly, if at all.