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Enemy troops spawned with 'createUnit' command will not fire on airborne enemy aircraft.
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Enemy troops spawned with 'createUnit' command will not fire on airborne enemy aircraft. You can hover a few meters over the enemy troops and they will not fire. When your chopper touches the ground then they immediately fire. This issue seems to have started within the last two months and is easily re-creatable.

This a nasty AI bug as in my missions you can hover or fly right over enemy squads into enemy territory with no incoming fire! {F27006}


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I added a simple mission/PBO file:

  1. Board the chopper and hover a couple meters off the ground. (side=west)
  2. Radio #1 (0-0-1) which will spawn some enemy troops. (side=east).
  3. Some troops will aim and track the chopper, but none will fire.
  4. Drop and touch the ground. They now open fire and kill you.
  5. If you can take off before you die, they will again stop firing.

I ran these tests with no mods. I also tried this with guerrilla troops facing east troops with former set to east-hostile with the same effect. The combatMode and Behaviour are left at default settings.

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If desired I can make a simple mission and attach the troop spawn to a radio command.

I added a simple mission PBO file to easily create this issue.

After much more testing with east forces, oddly enough this bug/issue is specific to the 'guerilla' style of east units prefixed with "O_G_" such as "O_G_Soldier_F", "O_G_Soldier_lite_F", "O_G_Soldier_SL_F", etc. This is with the exception of the AR gunner, "O_G_Soldier_AR_F", which works okay. Other 'standard' east units like "O_Soldier_F" and "O_Soldier_AA_F" work fine too.

I am unsure how to place these kinds of 'east guerilla style' units with the editor so I couldn't compare that method. My attached PBO adds the problem units via script.

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This still appears to be broken. With the release of Tanoa I've noticed it happens only to the alternate factions for a side. For Tanoa for example, if you spawn via script any Tanoa variant of a CSAT unit such as "O_T_Soldier_SL_F" (to an 'east' side group of course) they will not fire on a 'west' side chopper even if it's hovering a foot over their head. If you touch a wheel to the ground they open fire, raise a foot again and they stop firing.

Note, they will maintain target but not fire. If you spawn the same soldier but of tradtional 'OPF_F' faction such as "O_T_Soldier_SL_F" they fire normally.

Again, re-creation is simple. Create a simple SQF script to spawn a "O_T_Soldier_SL_F" soldier based on an area trigger for west units. Fly a west side chopper such as Huron with a blufor pilot into the trigger zone and hover over top of the CSAT soldier. He won't fire.