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Random Massive Slow-Downs
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I have recently started to get random slow downs in the game after about 45 minutes of SP gameplay, where the visuals turn in to a slide-show. I go in to the graphics UI and it is showing 45-50 FPS when the game appears to be running closer to 5-10. I have been able to maintain a pretty smooth 60 FPS up until recently. The only things that have recently changed are the update to 1.50 and I installed the NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons addon. I uninstalled the weapons addon and it seemed to go away, reinstalled it and the slow down came back after about an hour of gameplay. I haven't been able to play enough to see if it is reproduceable.


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This is a problem with a mod, not the game. Theres a fat chance the mod developer went overboard with way too many polys on his guns, which is murdering framerate as the game isn't designed to utilize more than 15-20 thousand polys for models.

You should go tell the mod developer about this instead of Bohemia.

Adam added a comment.Sep 10 2015, 8:39 AM

If the issue goes away when the mod is disabled then the issue is most likely with the mod. Probably what Austin Medic said or could be unoptimized LODs. Thank you for your ticket.