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Teamswitching to ai units breaks them
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If you teamswitch to an ai unit,when you switch back or to another the ai unit will no longer move to waypoints,stay in formation or shoot at enemies properly. This can be fixed if the ai's group leader is the player by giving it a move or regroup order,but it breaks them permanently if their in an ai only group. This also affects the original unit you started as when it's under ai control.


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In the editor place a player controlled unit and a playable ai infantry unit that's part of a ai only group with a move waypoint then teamswitch to it then back,the playable ai will stop following or doing anything but stand still. I've also tried giving the ai group a get in waypoint on a vehicle after the move waypoint and the teamswitched ai still doesn't move or get in a vehicle with rest of the group.

Place a playable ai infantry unit as part of your group along with the Zeus module and teamswitch to the unit and back,then with the Zeus menu place a couple unarmed enemies off to its sides and front,it will not turn to aim at enemies that don't cross in front of its aiming deadzone until it's given any movement or regroup order.

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This may be related to my other issue about Zeus remote control breaking ai aiming on foot;

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Apparently this issue existed since Arma 2 as it occurs there as well.

In arma 2 it is present no more. After 1.62 ai will freeze (even in campaign) but if you switch to them, and switch back to commander, they will follow you again. They are freezeing while healing or rearming most the time. Definetly on of "this major bugs" with highest priority. there should be order "Stay FOCUS!" which would "unlock" or unfreezing units.