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Add Ultra Light Combat Vehicles for Tanoa
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The Ultra Light Combat Vehicle, or ULCV, is making a big appearance of recent, proving that a mobile, small, smart military is becoming more important, and key to a number of operations. It would fit in Tanoa quite well given the fact that small yet rugged ULCV's are very capable of holding a squad of 4 or more depending on the load, and can travel through rough and tedious environments, such as bad-lands with rocks and lots of obstacles, and even in jungle environments. They're easily transportable, by air, and by sea, even by Medium Helicopters, making them flexible, reliable, and more capable than Quad-bikes.


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There are also a number of different kinds of ULCV's. One comes in a very high tech form, known more commonly as the Quad-Ski.

It's capable of carrying two people, and is amphibious. This would be ideal for Tanoa, it's an Archipelago resort. The Quad-ski is Civilian and military capable, a prime picking for a Rich country like Tanoa with ties to both East, and West, in the Pacific Archipelago.

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Sounds great, because all the vehicles we have right now would never make it through a jungle.

Way too bulky and heavy.