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Military Sites AI leaving the site.
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Placing a military site, with the type being an Observation Post, and also a group of the same side anywhere in the map causes some the AI in the military site to migrate towards the group.

This migrating kicks off when you fly a hostile helicopter over the AIs so that they eventually lose their sight on it. {F26939}


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Steps To Reproduce

• Create a military site somewhere in the map. (Observation Post).

• Create a group of the same side anywhere in the map.

• Create the player unit of a hostile side for the AI and a helicopter.

• Fly over the site and use either the camera or Zeus to see a great portion of

the AI start moving in the direction where the group has been placed.
Additional Information

With altitude of around 50 it always happens. More than that makes it more random.

Without the group, the AI in the Observation Post stay in place which is the most desired outcome.

Creating a site with the type being Base they regroup next to the cars, with or without the group.

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