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Every time a player dies, items go missing from his inventory.
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So, basically every time a player dies (waiting to be revived) when he gets revived 1 Laser Designator Battery and 1 First Aid Kit disappears (if the player has these items). If the player dies again the same thing happens and if he keeps dying and being revived the same thing will happen until he runs out of these items. This will happen if the player respawns too. It's not occurring only to me because I've tested it with other players on a lot of servers.This also happens if a player enters the Arsenal ( NOT the Virtual Arsenal) and when he exits it, 1 Laser Designator Battery is gone.


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Take these items (First Aid Kit, Laser Designator Battery)and then die (no matter how). Then, whether you respawn or get revived one of each item is gone. And then try with the Arsenal (NOT the Virtual Arsenal): take 1 Laser Designator Battery, enter the Arsenal, then exit it and the battery's gone.

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Vanilla arma 3 has no revive system apart from the one used in end game..
Is that what you're referring to?

I'm referring to the default reviving system that this game has. (No mods)