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Problem on the Radar RWR of the Ghosthawk
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With the Ghosthawk, when being engaged by AA, there is no sound or signal on the radar whatsoever.

There is only warning sound when the missile is incoming, but still no signal on the radar.

Can this be fixed pelase?


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Fly a UH-80 Ghosthawk and wait until being engaged by AA missiles.

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This is the case with any vehicles radar that doesn't show vehicles or other objects.

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Yes, but for example, on the Blackfoot, we can see where the threat inbound (distance and direction).

Nothing at all with the Ghosthawk (and others vehicles).

Very anoying

Its not a bug, its supposed to be like that. Because for example the Ghosthawk or Little Bird use just a compass and not a radar. Only vehicle with a real radar like AA tank or Blackfoot who show enemy vehicles on the radar can only show enemy missiles coming.