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Seperate Controls for Vehicle Audio Sources...
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Thought it may be realistic, I would request that you provide more control over the various audio sources in the game. Specifically, add a separate volume control for the vehicle sound heard when operating a vehicle (not ground vehicles in the immediate area).

For example, when I'm flying a helicopter, I can't hear the other players (on Team Speak or game COMMs) over the engine/rotor noise. I have to pause and reconfigure the Effects volume before I can hear my teammates and take them where they need to go. Then after landing I have to 'Reset' the volume so I can hear the combat effects again.

It would also be nice if users can disable the constant radio command chatter ... "Enemy Front 100 meters" ... because my team mates are doing that and they are getting overridden bu the AI voice. {F26885}


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None - standard vanilla without mods.

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Feature Request.

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