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Game crash and "The memory could not be written" message since 1.50 patch
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Any times I want to play at Arma 3, edit mission or other I've got the message :
"The instruction at 0x......... referenced memory at 0x0000000000. The memory could not be written."
My team have the same problem.
Impossible to play since the 1.50 update
I've tried all Malloc, verified my game files.. Same problem..

But rolling back my game in 1.48 and all is working fine...


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Trying to play to Arma 3, in SP or MP, with or without mods.

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Link of full report files :
normal :
with tbb4malloc_bi :
Crashdump 1 :
Crashdump 2 :

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I have same issue when loading mission in multiplayer.
Here output from debugger:

WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong. 00b9d968 00e80f4f 62631f00 62631f00 62631f00 0x2e5ff001 00b9d978 00e813d8 00000005 00cef93a 00000001 arma3!simul::base::GetRTTITypeInfo+0x2e50f 00b9d980 00cef93a 00000001 0109b938 366ad900 arma3!simul::base::GetRTTITypeInfo+0x2e998 00b9d988 0109b938 366ad900 366ad900 ffffffff arma3!simul::base::Referenced::intrusive_ptr_release+0x247a 00b9d9b8 010f5162 00000001 0000007d 00000000 arma3!simul::sky::BaseKeyframe::SetInt+0x1fbd8 00b9d9dc 010648ce 35fcc418 000003b3 361be080 arma3!simul::clouds::CellularCloudGrid::GetWrap+0x2822 00b9da08 01106125 010f5120 361be080 1514ca80 arma3!simul::sky::BaseSky::GetAtmosphereThickness+0x1b24e 00b9daa4 01a088a9 0699605c 00b9e184 069af2d4 arma3!simul::clouds::CellularCloudGrid::GetWrap+0x137e5 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 arma3!simul::clouds::CloudGeometryHelper::SetAdjustCurvature+0x8ae9

STACK_COMMAND: ~0s; .ecxr ; kb


SYMBOL_NAME: arma3!simul::base::GetRTTITypeInfo+2e50f



IMAGE_NAME: arma3.exe


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: SOFTWARE_NX_FAULT_c0000005_arma3.exe!simul::base::GetRTTITypeInfo



FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING: um:software_nx_fault_c0000005_arma3.exe!simul::base::getrttitypeinfo

FAILURE_ID_HASH: {fb377c16-68fc-99a1-bdd5-b513327285e5}

My friend and I also have issues with the new patch and already sent my 9 crashdumps. I either can't get into the server when loading up the mission, or my game crashes either every few hours to every 10 minutes.

Adam added a comment.Aug 29 2015, 1:50 PM

Hello, we are sorry you are experiencing issues with our game.
Could you please export your game log files from the launcher?

Steps on how to export logs from ARMA 3 Launcher:

  1. Start ARMA 3 Launcher
  2. Click the Hamburger menu tab in the launcher (Top right corner. Next to Options (Cog wheel icon) and Minimize Button)
  3. Drop down menu will appear
  4. Select: Prepare Arma Troubleshooting error and save those files
  5. A notification will pop up with the name of the generated file

Please note that the files might take a while to collect.

Attach the generated files to the ticket. If the files are too big please use some free file sharing service.

Also, please check if your page file is enabled and how big the page file is.

How to check your page file:

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Select System
  3. Select Advanced System settings in the left menu
  4. In the new popup window select Advanced and and Click settings under Performance
  5. New window will pop up. Select advanced again and check the Virtual memory tab
  6. The total paging file size for all drives number represents your page file size.

Lastly, Is your hardware overlocked (CPU,GPU and RAM mainly)

This helps us investigating your problem in a big way.
Thank you for your feedback!


Thanks for your answer.

Here the file that you ask for :

Hello everyone,

Did you find something for our crashes ?
We are still waiting for play at arma3 and I rent servers without the possibility to play.