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Tank driver dual stick control option
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For those of us using a dual analog controller to drive vehicles, the best way to control a tank is practically built in to the control, yet the game does not support this. "Neutral Steering" is when a tank can turn on its own axis, by means of the treads moving in opposite directions of each other.

By giving each dual stick total control of its corresponding track, tank maneuverability is better achieved. Simply put, forward on the stick makes the same side tread go forward, while backward on the stick makes the tread go back. If left stick / left track are forward while right stick / right track are backward at the same speed, the tank will turn in place to the right. Forward and rearward moving turns would be achieved by both sticks pushed in the same direction, but at different intervals respective to each other.


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Using this method would fix the dilemma of which way should the tank turn in reverse, because it would be consistent. The method could also be applied to the keyboard, where the player could by default use Q&A for the left track, and E&D for the right one. Meanwhile, S could be used for a brake, and W is free for whatever. This is but a suggestion. If people need Q for driver turnout, then left track could possibly be W&S, and then use A for braking.

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