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Local Host Server always crashes the game with the error 'include file a3\functions_f\params\paramguerfriendly.hpp not found'
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This error happens no matter what I do, tried deleting all missions from MPmissions and missions cache provided no results, I even deleted the functions_f pbo then verified steam files to get it replaced, no change.

Did not happen before 1.50 patch I'm pretty sure... {F26857}


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Not A Bug
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. go into multiplayer server browser
  2. start a local host server by clicking the 'new' button at the bottom
  3. start a server with no unUP, no pw, lan or internet, and however many players you want, also any name
  4. Click Ok
  5. Observe the crash.
Additional Information

I do not have anything but cfgFunctions inside my description.ext

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Repro mission uploaded.

Adam added a comment.Aug 27 2015, 9:46 AM

What about documents folder with your profile? It houses some missions. They very well could be causing the issue.

Well this ticket can be closed now, dumping the mpmissions folder in documents fixed the problem.