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Land_OfficeChair_01_F has some model issues with the back of it (being able to see into the 'blue void')
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It would seem the model has some issues with it having some visual anomolies where instead of being mesh like on the back like it supposed to be, it is showing the void and not transparent at all. {F26838}


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1.spawn the chair in the editor using createVehicle or 2d editor object placement a player unit and go crouch behind the chair will see the visual bug represented in the screenshot below.

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I can confirm that visual glitch in the latest 1.56 RC

I started a ticket on this too ... now just need to find it again! +1

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@scott Ripley: I connected it with this one (look at the relationships) and closed your ticket (#0027745).

@Koala - you're a star, cheers mate :)

This is a monstrous bug. how did it ever get into game?

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