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the launcher wont start when i click play in steam
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started up my computer, opened up steam and tried to launch arma 3. I clicked play on steam it came up with the message saying preparing to launch arma 3 and did nothing there was no error message nothing opened so i then tried downloading the development build to see if it was still an issue and it was.the game is still playable but the launcher wont open i tried verifying the integrity of the game caches no problems to play the game i have to open the arma 3 application manually.


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thank you for reporting the issue. Launcher might create an error report on the desktop, could you please take a look if you have one on your desktop?

Also it would be very helpful to us if you could upload the Launcher logs here (here is how you can get them:

there is nothing on my desktop

I bet this is beacuse software accelerating in launcher, but how to change this without launching editor - i'll try to find out

try to start Launcher in the safe mode. Press and hold Ctrl+Shift as you start the game from Steam or desktop shortcut and hold it pressed until Launcher starts.
Alternative to this is the command line parameter: "-safemode".

tried the hold Ctrl+Shift and click it did not work and also tried the command line parameter "-safemode" again did not work

Windows 10...... Try to compatibility mode with win 7, 8, 8.1 etc.

it was working on thursday evening but ill try

it did nothing

I guess there was some update from microsoft (autoupdates) when this start occuring. BIS need to make bigger compatibility with win 10, and microsoft need to make bigger compatibility for all products - many users suffer for similar problems...

could you please take a look into the Event Viewer, navigate to Windows Logs -> Application in the tree on the left and look for any error that occurred when you attempted to run the game?

Also please make sure that you DON'T have any compatibility settings set in properties of Launcher (arma3launcher.exe). We've learned that these compatibility settings tends to break Launcher, especially when Steam is involved (e.g. Launcher can be run directly from executable just fine, but fails when it is started by Steam).

i found the event viewer but I'm not 100 percent sure what I'm looking out for here, there are quiet a few errors and warnings. The only time I used the compatibility setting for Arma 3 was when Fighting Power suggested it as a solution

i just tried to open the launcher to see if any new errors would show up in the event viewer and the launcher opened