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Modifier for usercontrolls by damage
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It would be nice to get the possibility to define a modifier class for user controlls in a vehicles config and tie this to a hitpoint class. The purpose of this would be to model damage to the vehicle. Increasing damage would reduce the controll value of the actual input, making the vehicle increasingly harder to controll up until it becomes impossible to drive/fly it.

For example, if a car engine is partially damaged (say 0.5 damage) and a modifier of 0.25 is working at that damage value, and i use "W"+shift on the keyboard for maximum throttle (means, controll value = 1) the resulting controll value would be 0.75 instead. If i use a plane with joystick and give 0.8 rudderinput, with a damage modifier of 0.5, it would end up with just 0.4

How it could look on the config side:
Let's assume there is a hitpoint class "HitElevator" for a plane in the "HitPoints" class, we would add a controll modifier in the config, something like

class ControllModElevator {

controlls[] = "NoseDown","NoseUp" //controll action affected by modifier - like Keybinds
hitpoint= "HitElevator";  //hitpoint class linked to the modifier
treshold = 0.3; // modifier starts working as soon as this damage is received
minMod = 1;    //modifier value at treshold damage
maxMod = 0;    //modifier value at full damage


Once the treshold damage of 0.3 is received, the modifier starts working, lineary interpolating between minMod and maxMod for the current damage of the hitpoint. A mod of 0 would mean that the controll is essentially frozen/unresponsive.


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