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Use of controllactions as animationsources
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It would be very usefull to be able to use controll actions as animationsources. By controll actions i mean the ones that you assign your key to in the controll settings. So if you would press a key, the animation source would be 1, and if you don't press it, it's 0.

For analogue controlls, the animationsource would have a range of -1 to +1 . This allows us to use controlls for animations alot easier, and possibly even use them without having to use the apropriate simulation for the vehicle. If i want to animate an excavator or a crane for example i need more analogue controlls then the normal animation sources would offer for a ground vehicle, so i could use the inputs defined in the helicopter or plane panel instead, or as addition.
This method ALSO solves the problems of some animation sources not working at all (e.g. Throttle animations for PlaneX simulation and (steering) Wheel for TankX simulation). Direct access to controllinput would make hardcoded animationsources for such controlls obsolete.


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