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Show/Hide Module AI problems & MP Issues.
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In the mission that I've made it uses the Show/hide module for the opfor, it seems to work fine in SP. The enemy will be hidden until triggered, the enemy will attack but if the player enters a vehicle your squad AI breaks and doesn't attack the show/hide enemy anymore.

If you start the mission on foot and don't enter any vehicles, your squad AI will shoot the hide/show opfor and everything works perfectly. If you attempt to switch to another team mate, for each team mate you switch to they will NOT shoot back the show/hide opfor anymore. If you use the hide/show module in MP it will hide the enemy for the host but not for other players, other players will see the enemy clear as day, that's a serious flaw in MP and regular SP AI.

The hide/show module activated by a trigger is a wonderful way to create easy spawns in custom missions, and an easy way to create an ambush. What needs to be fixed is the module needs to work in MP and SP while not breaking the squad AI. {F26819}


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Steps To Reproduce

Create several opfor units and sync them to the hide and show module. Use a trigger to activate the opfor, for example... when blufor enters the trigger the opfor will appear and now the AI and the enemy will fight.

Once everything is created test it with a normal squad, don't switch to team mates, the AI and enemy will behave perfectly. Restart and test it while in a vehicle, step out the vehicle and activate the hide and show trigger, you will see that the enemy will still fire back BUT! Your squad AI won't.

Restart and now try it again but instead switch to each unit in your squad, activate the hide and show trigger and now your squad will not fire back, but the enemy will.

Additional Information
  • MP hide and show needs to hide the enemy for all players.
  • AI squad doesn't fight back when the player enters a vehicle, chopper ect. Hide and show enemy will fire but ypur AI squad won't.
  • AI squad doesn't fight back for each unit you switch to, to the hide and show enemies.
  • Hide and show module only works perfectly in SP if the player doesn't enter any vehicles and doesn't switch to others units in his team.

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Adam added a comment.Aug 20 2015, 8:19 AM

Could you please attach a simple repro mission displaying the issue? Thanks.

Running into the same issue. It works fine when I host the mission locally, but when I host it on a dedicated server the module doesn't hide the vehicle as expected.