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Helicopter automatically explodes on rollover
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Helicopter automatically explodes if a crash results in a rollover and this is not at all realistic.


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This has been an game-breaking issue since the alpha version of Arma 3 and hasn't been assigned since then.

This happens in the standard flight model, as in the advanced flight model settings and is also an inevitable death to all occupants.

I agree with trev5150 and SilverDude.

If a helicopter rolls over it doesn't instantly explode...
Same for jets

This is not a forum. Notes are for amplifying information about the reported issue, not a discussion thread. "I doubt that BI is ever going to resolve this" is opinion and better suited for an actual discussion board.

This just has been an annoying issue for such a long time and hasn't been reseached yet, you just have to get emotional about it.

Especially when you encounter this with your passengers almost every day.

What about that statement appears 'emotional' to you?

Frustration is an emotion, trev.

And focus on this issue, not about trying to start a fight.