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Arma 3 doesn't start
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Hello every one !

I'm french so sorry for my english ...

My Probleme :
I bought Arma 3 on a CD, i installed it and steam and when i click on play the game dosen't start and a text file is created on my desk (This is uploadable file).

thank you ! {F26779}


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I have reinstall steam and Arma 3 one time.

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Try deleting or move out the "Arma 3" or "Arma 3 - Other Profiles" folder located at your Documents. Then try running the game again.

the error points to a missing or corrupted system library (Microsoft UI Automation). Please run a System File Checker tool that is part of Windows to restore the file:

Thank you BIS Wizard you have fixing my problem ! I had some corrupted files but now it's ok ! thank you