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ATGM, Radar, Smoke - Need polishing for better teamplay experience - light armor oriented
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During multi people don't use a lot the concept of Infantry Fighting Vehicle with Troup Carrier like APC; these are light armored tanks with light/medium guns. It can carry troups, ensure they all get out in a safe spot(opposite of paradrop), then can cover infantry with decent fire. It can easily push on nested position with good timing.
ATGM, aka "Anti To Ground Missile" or DAGR "Directional Air to Ground Rocket" or Titan;
are fun to kill with at the first try.
They do shoot far away (depending of your object distance parameter relative to the server). They can shoot far far away... like 5 km without trouble. I'm considering playing with an APC at 2/3km view distance (Further away, I feel it a bit unfair as it rely on PC specs)

These toys rarely miss,
Even in dense vegetation. Specially when the shooter is way above the ground, ie 1km high. Does trees have hitboxes? Forest don't give cover they would. Suggestion#1 Increase Tree's hitbox for missiles, to ATOC 7.

These toys all have thermics,
which is not a bad idea at first glance. During mid day, ground must be around 50°C while bodies are colder. Also quick zoom/dezoom make the bodies glitch through structures for like 50ms.
Suggestion#2 nerf it by sunny daytime.

These toys don't warn
when being targeted with, most of grounds don't have iR detector or similar stuff. Troops won't use Gorgon, if they know they could be insta killed
Suggestion#3 Give APC directionnal iR detector for commander only(teamplay survivabilty improvement), or better info like air or ground independantly if the server says radar or not.

These toys cannot be dodged,
exept by cover, because you cannot use smoking device and run away.
Suggestion#4 Driver should have smoke action

These toys are fire and forget style
Suggestion#5 add more aerodynamic strafing effect to missiles so long distance shot won't be so easy
Suggestion#6 Nerf DAGR tracking. Add lock and tracking feature for DAGR, while not locking a target, it should not track it's movements. Not to mention DAGR rocket pods have plenty of ammo.

These toys don't require any skill to shoot, not even standing by.
Suggestion#7 Add a launcher that need a designator.

Radars which are totally OP,
helps to shoot flawlessly to the right spot. As in real world, radar have various modes with different scanning speed.
Suggestion#8 Nerf radar to 120/60° radius according to vehicule's tech
Note on Suggestion#1: When you're lurking into forest, ie a big fat Chernarus' one, radar DO still catch you all the time.

Suggestion#9 Add IFF Friend Or Enemy jammer for commander in some vehicule, using "battery ammo". Otherwise how radar can know so fast who's foe? This is to prevent insta locking far far away.
Suggestion#10 Add iR jammer for drones or commanders; some kind of active counter mesure, designed to avoid these obvious rockets which cross the map.
Suggestion#11 Remove radar detection if Engine not ignited/Hull cold (for me it's a bug to be detected while you're a passenger of an empty-crew tank)

My experience with tanks (light ones specially) was awesome on KOTH, because I've learned by fire, how to run them efficietly!
I really understand that Arma3 was launched as Alpha, and it was a good thing because BI needed solid funding campaign after bad press of A2, BUT now we need advanced features and more of all:
Balistic requires skills, on the other hand rocketry require knowledge of keybindings.
I don't want low/mid quality desynced mods/scripts, I suggest solid vanilla stuff.
I also really understand that Rockets are a Battlefield commercial asset to keep noobs being interested into gameplay (read a Frankie video about a Battlefield4 recent update), but now there is a solid community over A3 (: I don't want to act like "engeeneer of the finished work", but this is feedback report, I'm giving mine through hundred hours of Multiplayer (thousands to be precise^^)

Why it must be on VANILLA is because admins don't know how to tweak mission files in general, also I'm not considering game breaking assets(exept #10), only improve a vehicule that can be insta killed with 3 crews + 6 passengers... Nobody uses APC in multiplayer!


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Play different settings: KOTH 100+, Wasteland Altis or Stratis.

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This post may be a bit too wide because it is general tank feedback. Do you think it could be easier for reading to split up in more threads? Like Missile behaviour, Radar, Smoke...

This is general Arma3 feedback;

In multiplayer modes, server admins and modders, can increase the usage of heavy rocketry assets. For consumer service reasons and time consuming management.
Those assets are dangerous because you cannot cross the map with your motorised team without being extremly cautious.
Fresh spawned players often have launchers and shoot on everything because it is easy access assets. I like to teamplay as a squad but it is very difficult to not being locked kilometers away. As mentioned above you can totally spend your time respawning, trying to regroup because each time you start an engine you got a lock.
My point is, it's very very easy to have deadly toys;

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I really rather just have it kept the way it is...

I've edited my feedback with suggestion#number, then now can you tell me which one would you think relevant or not please (:

"Let's discuss about more specific popular gamemode.
Wasteland/Epoch and those trader style: Launchers are damn cheap, you can always buy one with starting funds. No need to do missions.
King of the Hill: These toys are damn cheap. At least you don't have it since 1st level! With a launcher you can kill any tank that is not a Slammer. Otherwise you may need like 3 rockets max
My point is, it's very very easy to have deadly toys; Often fresh start spawn give you enough funds."

How is this even related to the ticket?
Arma 3 isn't a game based on funds, its a sandbox. Its up to the creator whetever to make launchers easily accessible or not.
Just because the creator of those game modes does that, is a completely irrelevant reason for changing the game itself. Arma 3 should not be built around popular game modes, though i can already see that happening with more civilian content coming up with Tanoa.

With most of the other parts of your ticket i do agree, but that quote is just stupid to put here.

Ok dude I'm trying to make a clear point, thanks for participating.