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attachTo, setPos, deleteVehicle - not working on created Backpack.
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You can not attach or setpos a script created backpack. Also deleteVehicle do nothing.


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Steps To Reproduce

pack = "B_TacticalPack_Base" createVehicle [0,0,0];
sleep 0.1;
pack setPos (player modelToWorld [0,0.8,0]);
pack attachTo [player,[0,0.8,0]];
pack setDir 0;
pack setPos getPos pack;
sleep 5;
detach pack;
deleteVehicle pack

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This is not a bug. createVehicle command will return backpack container. As it is a proxy you can only add items to it but cannot move or attach it. To move backpack you need to access the weaponholder that carries this proxy. Lucky for you new command objectParent will be available from Monday, so you could do this:

//place created backpack in front of player
_bpContainer = "B_TacticalPack_rgr" createVehicle [0,0,0];
_weaponHolder = objectParent _bpContainer;
_weaponHolder setPos (player modelToWorld [0,5,0]);

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ok thanks KZ will try this.