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AI unable to properly use pistols
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If a AI is only given a pistol, they seem unable to use it reliably, as they will randomly get stuck in a lowered weapon animation and won't fire it,won't shoot at close range sometimes,and seem to fire very slowly even when the target is very close. When an AI switches to a sidearm when they have a primary weapon,they seem to have the shooting and fire rate issues,but tend to switch back to primary weapons once their targets dead,moves or after a short period of time and properly engage it.


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AI Aiming / Shooting
Steps To Reproduce

With an AI unit armed with only a pistol,have it move to some unarmed enemies,then watch it try to kill them.

To test a unit with a primary weapon,put an AI with a bunch of unarmed enemies,it will switch to pistol when it empties its primary weapon.

Additional Information

They seem to get stuck with the pistol lowered after being told to move somewhere and they move faster than walking,they seem to have no problem running and pistol raised when in formation,only when given a move order or waypoint.

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Yeah seems to be true.