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Assemble Objects Via. Backpacks
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I wanted to point out that in an Infantry focused game, it's useful to have a variety of possibilities. One of those is already in game, but not quite in a way that is yet explored to it's full potential. For example, what would be useful is the ability for someone to carry a backpack containing Camo-netting that can be asssembled.

Another would be something like this tent

In which one person carrying the tent in one bag, and another carrying Strings and Pole's in another can be combined to create said tent for use as a camp site, or concealment as a make shift CP (Command Post) Of some sort. Another would be maybe some kind of table and screens that can be connected to a UAV or stationary Camera, Micro Camera, or Stationary Laser Designation, and can we monitored from that assembled screen when connected. This would make for a very interesting new immersive and functional expansion of an already existing feature that just hasn't been explored much.


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