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Using game logic Lock/Unlock when synced with a trigger connected to sector crashes the game
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When I tried to create a system where objective C cannot be captured unless objective B is owned, using the game logic Unlock synced to Sector module B and a trigger, also synced to sector module C, the game froze and crashed when loading preview {F26707}


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Steps To Reproduce

-Set up a sector control game-mode using the sector modules, bleed tickets, side modules, etc.
-Place down a game logic Unlock and sync it to a sector.
-Place down a trigger a sync to the sector after the one linked to Unlock
-Sync the Unlock and the trigger together, place down a unit and preview.

Additional Information

I'd recommend using 4 objectives to reproduce; 1 Opfor controlled, 1 Blufor controlled, and the other 2 neutral, and then linking the unlock system to the neutral objectives

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thank you for submitting the ticket. Could you please upload a simple repro mission displaying the problem? It would be a big help.

Thank you.

Yep have same issue. Ive seen lots of others comment on forums also with same issue. It possibly has something to do with copy and pasting an existing sector module. Only seems to happen with unlock sequential sectors.

It is exceptionally difficult to test sequential sector missions - missions freeze up as stated above irrespective of the side the player is on or if he is a civilian and outside any sector at the time of the freeze. RPT files don't indicate any cause either.

It seems to have something to do with the trigger unlock condition. For example I have an unlock logic synched to a sector which in turn is synched to a trigger Blufor. So when Blufor captured the sector the trigger can be used to activate a respawn position and simultaneously trigger the next sector objective. It is this process that seems to causes the freeze up imo.

If all sectors are active at mission start the mission does not freeze up.

Btw when the sector is captured and the unlock triggers a new spawn point and new sector - the screen flashes back to the menu screen very quickly in both cases.

Even if you place new sectors down without copy and pasting them - after unlocking a few sectors there is a massive frame rate drop for a few seconds when new sector is unlocked.