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Make available previous textures of CSAT gear (+ missing CSAT insignia)
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There are new textures of CSAT gear (uniform/fatigue, vests, helmets) in 1.48 patch, they are more "desert" like. I liked old textures better, they could be used even on Chernarus (with them being more green and darker). Also those vests (LBV Harnesses) have now CSAT camouflage pattern which limits use for other armies (I put them on insurgents for example).

I looked in PBOs and said textures where overwritten (not like with previous instances of textures changes like FIA offroads, where you can still find old textures in PBOs) so you can't even change uniform texture back to previous one via setObjectTexture. Also there is another gear like officer uniform or cap with old textures so CSAT stuff does not fit together now.

So this is what I would like to see pretty please:

  1. Revert changes to CSAT gear (uniform, vests, helmets).
  1. Those new "desert" textures look great, but add them same way like you added those urban ones. Expand gear selection, instead of changing it.
  1. CSAT "Ghillie suit" uniform shares thoses textures, so now it's also desert. Maybe add version with old texture and with new one.
  1. Fix Assasin helmet shadow bug -
  1. Fix CSAT Insignia on that "desert" uniform, now it's missing -
  1. Also CSAT "Recon Fatigues" now share those new textures... maybe alternatively make "desert" this uniform?


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I don't understand BIS...why would they release a new uniform texture when its insignia is clearly not showing?

CSAT still look like aliens. Specially hand gloves and helmets - so ugly, that make this faction unplayable

Why vlad_8011 was actually deleted?

Adam added a comment.Aug 10 2015, 10:52 AM

Fixed on devbranch. Can you please confirm?

ragnos added a subscriber: ragnos.May 8 2016, 12:26 PM

Well, old textures were put back on devbranch. So insignia is visible again and textures of CSAT uniform, vests and helmets are back to previous ones.

It's fixed, changes to textures were reverted. But it would be great to add those new "desert" textures in same way those urban ones were added, they looked great. Expand CSAT camo selection :)

Assasin helmet shadow bug is still an issue.